Africa and the DRC in particular, is an incredibly mineral rich region.

Whilst mining and exploration has been prevalent for decades, the continent has not benefited as much as expected from its’ mineral assets.

It is important for companies such as Tantalex, to readdress this issue and provide a sustainable, fair and equitable management of these resources to benefit the population and continent as a whole.

Africa is host to most of the major mining companies in the world (Ivanhoe, Glencore, Barrick, Anglo American for example) and boasts the availability of ever more skilled labour market, unlike many other mineral rich regions in the world today.

Africa’s resources are of paramount importance to the world, if we all want to transition to a green, low carbon and electrified future, communicate with the latest model of mobile phone, store energy sustainably and drive our electric cars. The world cannot do without Africa.


% of the worlds’ Cobalt is sourced from the DRC


South Africa is the largest producer of Manganese in the world


Africa contains the second largest Rare Earth deposits in the world


The worlds’ largest Hard Rock Lithium deposit in located in the DRC


Of the largest tin deposits in the world are located in Africa


% of the worlds’ Tantalum is sourced from the DRC